March 15, 2007  

Pricing & Purchase


As I mentioned on the "about site" page, this stock photography resource is still very much in the

development stage. As soon as possible, I will have a form, a pdf download, or some more

efficient type of document that makes it easier for you to define your needs, and therefore

helping me give you an accurate quote as quickly as possible.


As also mentioned in the "about site" page, I release images only on a rights managed,

licensed per application basis. I will be unable to evaluate any nonspecific purchase requests

so please include the following information:


1) End use of piece/Name of Client

2) Usage type/Size/ Placement

3) Circulation/Distribution/Duration

4) Requested Rights (Exclusive or Non-Exclusive)

5) Other possible uses


The best way to initiate the process is via email: soliday@solidaystock.com, though

I always appreciate an initial contact via phone: 843-830-9492.


My pricing is based on industry software programs, other photography stock resources,

and the uniqueness of the image itself. In a situation where "shared" rights might exists, I

also need to discuss with the that party the intended end use of the requested appication.


Payment method at this time is by check, though I foresee utilizing other methods.

High-res image transfer is via my sending you an email with a direct link to download

the file.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.

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