February 2, 2009

About this site: is currently just a skeleton of what I imagine this site to become........ a photography

resource for art buyers seeking images of the Lowcountry of South Carolina and Georgia. You may

be an art director in Charleston or a magazine editor in Paris, but this site is intended for you to see

and to be able to purchase original and unique images of this area. I am now offering prints. Please see

more about this on the purchase page.


As if this date, I have made some major changes to the site. Although my library has grown, I've decided to

reduce the number of images on the site. I feel that quality is better than quantity. I still have expanded

hidden libraries on line, but you'll have to contact me for those addresses. Please call me at 843.830.9492

or email at if you would like to see these custom libraries. I've been photographing

this area for over 25 years, and my library is very significant.


Of course, there is also the strong possibility of my shooting your needs for you. After all,

I am an assignment driven photographer. Visit my homesite,, for more details.


About Copyright:

This is always an unpleasant conversation. I take copyright very seriously and have taken the time and

expense to register all the site's images with the copyright office, and to embed traceable tags.

I have intentionally made this site with relatively low resolution files. Certainly,you can use them for

FPO purposes, but any further usage requires a license agreement. Larger files will certainly be

transferred after negotiations.

About Licensing:

I work & sell exclusively under a licensing model. All "sales" are negotiated on a custom and personal

basis. For more information, please phone me.

Note to existing clients:

Some of the older images on this page may hold "shared" licensing rights. If that is case, I will always

consult with that party before releasing any further usage of that image. My goal is that publication

of an image with "shared" rights ( let's say a destination magazine) would benefit the original client also.

Thank you, & more at a later date..


Office & Studio 843 406 2924
Mobile 843 830 9492

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